Don’t be caught out in your interview. Know your C.V inside and out!

Want to be successful in your interview? Read on to find out how.

Most of the time, employers at your interview will only have given your C.V a quick look through, as recruitment agencies and internal staff often shortlist candidates for them.

Gone are the days of sending off your 5-10 year old C.V. to a bunch of job openings hoping for an interview. You not only need to tailor your C.V to each individual job opportunity, but also know it inside and out.

If you go to the job interview and the interviewers first questions is ‘walk me through your C.V.’ you should be able to walk them through it. But, if we assume that you had someone else write the C.V. for you, or you have not given it a thorough update or look through, you will have no clue what is inside it, resulting in a disorganised and uncaring image of yourself.

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So, here are some reasons you should know exactly what is inside your C.V and how it can affect your interview:


#1 Employers Will Ask Questions

Perhaps the most important reason you should know your C.V. inside out is employers will use the document as a platform for questions during the interview. This helps them to determine whether your written statements are honest. Judging from your responses they will be able to tell if you are lying and if that’s the case, you are out.

#2 It Helps You Focus on What is Important

Going through your C.V. before you send it out, will help you focus on those skills that you talk about and regard as your main strengths. Where you position these in your C.V. will help you promote your strengths in the most effective way possible. During the interview, you will expand on these elements to convince the employer you are fit for the job. So, for example, you can choose to put your education section on top or work history whatever you think will bring out the best in you. You can provide the focus, and you can choose which elements of your C.V. you want the employer to see first.

#3 It Helps You Talk About Your Skills

When you have decided on the skills to include in your C.V, it will be much easier for you to talk about them during the interview. So, if at any point you don’t know how to respond, you can still improvise by talking about your skills in more detail. Preparing an example to back up how you developed each skill in real life, will show employers that you know what you are talking about.

#4 It Represents You

If you can’t explain your C.V, who else will? Your C.V. talks about your education, work history and provides a reference of your life experiences. That’s why it is important to speak about it in detail, full of confidence and without any hesitation. Doing so will help you present yourself to employers more effectively and will help you answer any questions any employer might have.

 #5 It Makes You More Confident in your interview

If you know your C.V. inside out – but most importantly what it says about you – you are more likely to be confident and less stressed in an interview. Think about it just like when you are studying for exams. When you have studied hard and know what to expect, the belief that you will do well usually makes you calmer and more effective when taking the actual exam. Similarly, the calmer you are in an interview the better you will do.

Not knowing your C.V. could cost you your dream job. If you can’t explain it to employers, they will think that you are not sure about yourself or serious about the job. Before you send it again, make sure that you take some time to understand its main points as if you were giving a presentation.

Have you ever been asked to explain your resume to an employer? How did it go? Let me know in the comments section below…
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Don't be caught out in your interview. Know your C.V inside and out!
Give yourself the best chance at success in your interview by really knowing your C.V. Your interviewer will expect you to give examples for what you have written about yourself. Knowing your C.V. inside and out will give you confidence, focus and reduced stress in your interview. Don't get caught out!
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