Do you have strengths? Of course you do! (But read this to recognise them all!)

Your future employer needs to know if you’ve got the strengths to do the job.

They’ll be asking you questions such as;

  • what are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • what would your colleagues and friends say are your best qualities?
  • why should we hire you?

Before you’re face-to-face with your interviewer, you need to get to know your strengths. Write them down, makes notes about past examples (life-experiences or work-related) and rehearse out-loud what you’re going to say.

By the time of your interview, you should be able to confidently draw on your strengths and have many examples to throw at your interviewer.

But what are typical strengths that employers are looking for, I hear you ask?

  • communication – getting on with different people
  • team working – being an effective team leader or team member
  • good attitude – being hard-working, honest, polite and co-operative
  • problem solving – using your initiative to identify solutions
  • enthusiasm – being positive
  • quick learner – taking on and understanding new tasks
  • determination – showing you’re focused on achieving goals
  • flexibility – doing a variety of tasks to achieve a common goal

You can find more examples of strengths here.

When have you shown good communication skills? Have you had to display grit or determination at some point in the past?

Remember, your examples don’t have to be work-related. You may have run a half-marathon and shown resilience when things got tough or you’ve had to be organised when raising your two young children whilst working full-time.

You’ve got the strengths, employers just want to hear you say them (with evidence of course!)

TASK: Try and find an example for each of the strengths above, write them down and rehearse them through out loud (you could do this with someone else, or even to a mirror!)


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Do you have strengths? Of course you do! (But read this to recognise them all!)
What strengths do employers look for in interviews? Find a list of strengths employers like to see in interviews and how to prepare professional and personal examples of strengths.
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